Mobile Telescope Lens

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 8x Zoom Portable Mobile Telescope Clip Lens Cell Phone Camera Optical Magnifier for iphone, Apple, samsung, Lenova, HTC 8x Zoom Optical Lens Mobile Phone Telescope Camera With this lens, you can see the image 8X enlarge on your Cell phone. Capture distant object with ease Good quality pictures Avoids damage to camera due to rubber grip 8X Camera Zoom The lens comes with manual focus functionality enabling you to take DSLR type pictures. No battery/charging required to operate this lens. Adjustable focus Easy Installation. With the Universal clip, the lens can easily be attached for use and removed when not needed. Descriptions: Minimum focus distance: 3m Magnification: 8X Field of view: 246m Angle of view: 7 Size: 30x70mm.


  •  ULTRA-LONG VISION : High resolution and good color reproduction, overcomes the shortcoming of the cellphone that can only take near-sighted photos; Help you easily enjoy the world of photography and discover the beauty of the virtual world.
  • EASY FIT : Telescope photo lens can be screwed into the clip provided. This ensures that the lenses are perfectly aligned with your camera.
  •  HIGH CLARITY AND PROFESSIONAL : The lenses are encased in durable light ABS shell and high-class glass, detachable lens clip on design, professional HD lens reduces glass flare & ghosting caused by reflections, thus image becomes brighter.
  •  EASY TO USE : Mobile Phone lens is Portable and detachable - Great For Photography and Film Lovers, Far Stage Concerts, Tourists, Zoo Lovers, Instant News Reporter long-distance shooting. Lens made from imported optical glass, lens surface coating.
  •  GREAT USE : This 8x Clip lens Magnifies your Mobile Phone Camera Lens. Get closer to action and take a clear shot of subjects usually too far away to capture.

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