USB Cigarette Lighter

Rs. 699.00
  • Rechargeable and portable electronic USB cigar lighter.
  • Quality: A 100% product with intense heat to light cigarettes
  • Lighter life and usage: Electrically powered - 300 lights per charge/ product life- 18,000 lights and rechargeable by standard usb ports
  • Eco-friendly - Low impact and long lasting, Flameless - Uses no gas or butane.
  • Carry everywhere even in restricted area such as office etc where use of normal cigarette lighter is restricted.
  • Can be used while heavy wind blowing
  • Rechargeable USB Smart Electronic Cigarette Lighter Easy to carry pocket size lighter Flameless and Environment Friendly
  • Small Enough To Fit Into One's Pocket But It Still Strong
  • Perfect travel gadget.

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