Spill Stopper

Rs. 999.00

Description - 

Tired of pots boiling over and making a mess? announcing the end of burned-on spills from boiled over pasta, rice, soups, milk and starchy liquids.

  • EASY TO USE , STOPS LIQUIDS FROM BUBBLING OVER, PREVENTS SPILLS AND OVERFLOWS. Simply place the durable silicone spill stopper lid over any pot or pan from 6 to 10 inches in diameter. The spill stopper lid will catch and boil over or residue through the built-in vents and prevent and guard from splatters sprays. Just place on top of pots and pans to prevent boiling over.
  • REDUCE YOUR KITCHEN CLEANING TIME WITH THE SPLATTER SCREEN SPILL STOPPER LID. Silicon splatter guard splash will prevent and reduce splatters, spill, overflows and stop boiling hot liquids, oils, sizzling sauces from splattering and creating a mess around your cooking pot and stove top.
  • Made with easy to wash wipe and clean silicone. 

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