Silicon Height Increaser Pads

Rs. 999.00

5 Layers Silicone Adjustable Height Increaser Insoles


Transparent And Invisible Design. Designed To Increase The Height And Make You Taller.;Suitable For Men And Women. Each Side Comes With 5 Insoles That You Can Add To Adjust The Height. This Is A Pair Of Heel Lifts, Height Insoles, Shoe Inserts, Or Height Increasing Insoles Called Lefties - Making You Taller. Enhance Blood Circulation,Reduce Muscular Aches And Pains,Shock-Absorbing After Use It.


  • Made from ultra soft materials, perfect solution for anyone requiring superior, all day comfort
  • Extremely soft and comfortable to wear
  • Invisible self-adhesive design
  • Fits any kind of shoe and all shoe sizes
  • Reduce pressure on back and knees when walking
  • Fit for both men and women, and durable in use
  • Material: Silica gel
  • Length: 12.3cm/4.85inch
  • Heel Width:6.8cm/2.7inch
  • Height: 1.5cm/0.6inch


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