Seamless Set Of 3 Air Bra

Rs. 899.00


Air Bra - No Hooks,No Straps, No More Bra Line Bulges Full coverage cups custom fit to any size, keeping everything in place. Now no more embarrassing back fat, shapeless curves & painful wires.

Seamless Aire Bra shapes, supports and styles for the most flattering figure ever. Its soft and stretchable Air Knit fabric allows your skin to breathe & it feels like wearing another skin. 3 Bras for the price of one! Available in three Colors.

Aire Bra Features:

  • It gives full coverage and adjust easily
  • Gives a proper shape to all sizes
  • Ultra comfortable, boots confidence
  • Machine washable and safe for machine drying
  • Highly durable in terms of form and color
  • Does not have rolls and bra lines
  • It comes in three different sizes- Small, Medium & large
  • Can be used as sports bra as it can stretch at comfort
  • Perfect fitting to all shapes and sizes
  • Best quality fiber, contains 92% Nylon and 8 % spandex

Product Benefits:
1. Spilling out of cups that are too small
2. Bulging under the arms
3. Embarrassing back fat
4. Wires that pinch
5. Straps that fall down

What it includes:

Seamless set of 3 air bras are made available at a smart price of 1199 rupees. 

Aire Bra Size Chart

Aire Bra Size

Regular Bra Size (inches)

Regular Bra Size


28 - 34

71- 86


35 - 38

 87- 97


39 - 40

98 - 102


41 - 42

103 - 107


43 - 44

108 - 112

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