Renumax Car Scratch Remover

Rs. 699.00

Renumax is a revolutionary scratch remover that’ll save your car and your money. It’s the fastest, easiest way to eliminate expensive scratches, scrapes and scuff marks! The secret is a proprietary formula that fills any scratch or scrapes with millions of micro-particles. Then, dries in minutes to produce a smooth, clean, scratch-free shine that protects your car for years! Renumax requires no buffing, polishing or scrubbing. Just apply it to the scratch and watch it completely disappear in no time!

  • Removes scratches and scrapes quickly and easily
  • Spreads evenly over a wide area with Applicator Sponge
  • Works on cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles etc…
  • Works on any colour
  • Dries in minutes to produce a smooth and clean scratch-free shine

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