Premium Slimming Bra

Rs. 999.00


Premium -- Bra are slimming sports clothes for women's which you can use daily. Designed to increases body temperature helping the body to sweat more than other sports garments and daily use. It is designed to sweat more, increasing body heat and helping you lose weight and measurements. The hot slimming women's -- Bra can be used comfortably during their workouts, hiking or daily tasks at home. The polyester lining absorbs moisture, the inner layer of Bra retains body heat accelerating metabolism and sweating while its outer nylon lining provides a smooth, slippery surface that lets you use your hot slimming women's shaper Bra comfortably below other clothes. The thin and elastic seams are very discreet and resilient. To achieve fast and effective results it is recommended to supplement the use of this garment with proper nutrition, exercise routines and abundant hydration.


  • Incredible Fitness Wear & Smart Fabric
  • Advanced Technology which helps in Sweating Out
  • Suitable for loosing excess body weight, & attaining slim physique
  • Maximise Fitness Routines
  • Improve Overall Well-Being
  • Suitable while Gymming, Cycling, Walking, Jogging
  • Durable, Long Lasting Heavy Duty Product
  • Light Weight, Weigh Less Than Average
  • Great Design, Great Handling & Easy to Use.
  • Simple, Elegant Product & High Quality Material
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