Petals Bra - Nipple Covers

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Petals Bra are made with hypoallergenic silicone and no adhesive making them the perfect solution for people with sensitive skin. You can even take them for a swim, they should stay put in water up to 6 feet deep. Nipples created luxurious fabric nipple covers for anyone who might be allergic to the standard silicone options. Each pack includes both a satin and lace set that are winkle-free and perfect for a lingerie-lovers. These petals provide you with great support with or without a bra. Making them an ideal option underneath form-fitting and backless or strapless clothing. They're made from a soft silicone gel, so you'll barely feel anything against your skin while wearing these for hours on end. Reuse the petals again and again by gently hand washing and laying flat to dry.


  • Thin, Soft, Reusable & Waterproof - These 100% eco-friendly, medical grade silicone reusable nipple covers with integrated breast lifts can be reused dozens of times. Just wash with lukewarm water and mild soap and let dry before storing.
  • Go Bra Less - Specially designed for backless/strapless dresses, t-shirts, wedding gowns, sports bras, & swimsuits, and will stay firmly in place all day (or evening) long. Protect your nipples, and lift breasts for fuller cleavage.
  • Comfortable and Discreet - Thin and a natural skin look and feel so nobody will notice you’re wearing them, even under sheer garments. And the lifts will keep your breasts supported and perky.
  • Enhanced Design - Thin edges so they’re not visible under clothing, but thicker center to hide and protect the nips and give the girls a little oomph. Large diameter (4”/10cm) so they stay in place with no ridges or lumps that are common with smaller reusable silicone nipple covers.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed - Their matte finish won’t reflect light, so they won’t even show in photos. They have a naturally smooth and buttery finish so they feel just like your natural skin.

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