Pest Reject

Rs. 699.00
  • DUAL TECHNOLOGY- Electromagnetic and ultrasound. Uses safe & effective technology to rid those nasty pest from your home. Plugs into any wall power outlet in your house which uses the power in order to effectively eliminate those rodents and pest
  • SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS - While driving away Rodents without using any kind of poison, risky traps, or chemicals that smell horrible and burns your eyes - Use one unit per floor - has built in night light for indoor use
  • BEST SOLUTION - For Mosquitoes, Rats, Insects and Rodents (Mice, Rats etc..) It will not harm your children, or pets, it is completely safe as long as your pets do not include roaches, rats or any kind of insects
  • SAFETY- Non-Toxic, chemical-free product,Safe for the whole family.

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