Ped Egg Bare Nails

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Great for Fingernails & Toenails !

Tired of paying for manicures at expensive nail salons or spending hours doing your nails at home? The chemicals can be harmful to your nails, causing them to become damaged, cracked, and worn. It's time to reveal the natural beauty of your nails with Bare Nails, the all new battery-powered automatic nail polisher that produces natural salon quality results at home.

PedEgg Bare Nails files, buffs, and shines nails in seconds! Simply use the Nail File Roller to shape nails, Smooth Roller to smooth bumps and ridges, then follow up with shine Roller to reveal a natural shine that last up to 2 weeks. Even without nail polish, Bare Nails leaves your naked nails looking healthy and perfectly polished.

  • Shape, Smooth, Buff & Shine Nails
  • Great for Fingernails & Toenails
  • Natural, Shiny Nails. No Polish, No Chemicals
  • Finish Last Up to 2 Weeks
  • Replacement Rollers Designed For Use With PedEgg Bare Nails

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