Nano Magic Tape

Rs. 699.00


It is made with the latest nano hybrid technology, combined with it?s unique size, length and thickness,
it will be the best value and quality for all you needs. 
5mm thickness makes the tape become more reliable, useful and strong tool for sticking items to items. 
You can cut it in any length you need to use, its stickness won't change though the using size is changed. 
Using scenes:
Fix the carpet on the floor that is easily offset, and the socket on the table.
Stick your phone or tablet to the kitchen wall and watch the video while cooking.


  • Non-Toxic, recyclable and eco-friendly - it can easily be recycled, if you're done with it.
  • Work perfectly in a temperature range from -16?(0?) or above 62? (152?).
  • Hold items up to (2.4 LBS) on smooth surfaces, easy to remove and no damage surfaces.
  • It not work on wallpaper, oil or water stains, dusty surfaces, or any other rough surface.

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