Miracle Copper Anti Fatigue Socks

Rs. 699.00

The Anti-Fatigue Miracle Unisex Socks is using a graduated compression that is very different from the other socks and stockings. Graduated compression works by applying a certain amount of pressure near your ankle and then apply gradually less and less pressure as they move up the leg. Making it easy to work and walk around for longer hours. 

This specialized socks is great for office works and people who keeps on walking and running around to do some errands. It helps soothes, massages, and boost blood flow circulation preventing varicose veins to exist. 

The Anti-Fatigue Miracle Socks is perfect for everyday use and it is easily to put on. So don't wait, get it now!

Thickness: Standard
Sock Type: Casual
Material: Nylon,Polyester

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