Metal Eyelash Curler With Black Handle

Rs. 499.00


This stainless steel Eyelash Curler is designed with black plastic handles that are easy to grip and curl lashes. The contoured design hugs your lash line to curl even those tiny lashes in the corner of your eyes. The soft rubber pad makes sure that it is gentle on your lashes thereby reducing the risk of accidentally pulling or breaking away.

Who doesn't love long, fun flirty and curled lashes! Press your lashes with this incredible Metal Eyelash Curler! Adding the precise amount of pressure and cushion to boost those lashes, you'll feel awake and wide-eyed in no time! We love how this curler leaves zero eye-lashes out and curls them neatly with little effort! You're sure to make this your go to beauty tool!

Package: 1Pc Metal Eyelash Curler 

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