Loofah Cloth All-In-One Full Body Washcloth

Rs. 599.00


The All-in-One Full Body Wash Cloth Use your favorite soap or body wash with the Easy Reach Loofah Cloth to create a rich, luxurious lather. The premium terry cloth side is perfect for cleaning delicate areas while the mesh side exfoliates, leaving skin smooth and refreshed. Simply grab the easy-grip handles to clean & scrub your shoulders, back, and feet without bending or straining. Easy Reach Loofah Cloth is machine washable, and can easily hang dry in your shower.

• Premium Dual-Sided Material.
• Soft Terry Cloth to Wash & Lather - Mesh Material for Deep Clean & Exfoliation.
• Easy-Grip Handles For Hard-to-Reach Areas.
• You get TWO Easy Reach Loofah Cloths.

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