Lint Remover

Rs. 1,199.00

Description -

As Seen On Tv Lint Remover-picks Up Fur & Lint !!

The secret to the success of this product is the thousands of micro bristles that act like fingers grabbing every last piece of fur or fuzz. The self cleaning base uses its own micro bristles to brush Lint Remover clean, then just remove the base clip to empty! Annoying tape rollers that need so many sheets, or regular lint brushes that are hard to clean!

  • Can be used to thoroughly clean any kind of fabric. 
  • Ultimate lint remover,dandruff and dust remover. 
  • Removes pet hairs from shirts,trousers,sweaters,etc. 
  • Double side design,easy to clean. 
  • Great for: Furniture,Clothing,Carpets,Lines,Pillow,Fabric,Car Seats,etc 
  • Features: Useful,Reusable,Double Sided,with Self-cleaning Base 

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