Lazy Glasses - Reading with Relax

Rs. 599.00


Now lie down flat on your bed and watch TV, Read, browse your mobile, play games on your mobile / tablet without lifting your neck up. Thanks to an ingenious creation, you will no longer suffer from neck pain, cramps and eye strain while reading or watching news, a documentary or movie on TV.

Periscope glasses (creative high-definition horizontal-glasses) are the solution to your woes. The optical glasses made of acrylic lens material and acetate frames are an efficient way to reduce pain in the neck, lumbar spine and head during lengthy sittings watching TV or while reading. They are ideal for the whole family.

This is the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. The next time its your friend's or relatives' birthday, you now know what the ideal present will be! Just lie down on your sofa or bed and enjoy a good reading session or TV program.


  • Efficient to reduce pain in the head, neck and lumbar spine during long sittings while reading or watching TV
  • Great relaxation at home: just lie down on bed or sofa without cushion or pillow, and enjoy movie or reading 
  • Suitable gift for friends.

Manufacturer Specifications:

  • Type: optical glasses
  • Frame Material: acetate
  • Lenses Material: acrylic
  • Prevent user from eye strain or neck cramp, radiation


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