Inflatable Lazy Air Sofa

Rs. 1,199.00

Relax and enjoy every moment you spend with this air sofa. Either reading a book or taking a nap, cuddling or just passing time, partying or conversing, this air sofa is perfect for almost all occasions indoor or outdoor. 


-Material is Water-resistant outer, waterproof inner. Allows you to float in water. 
-With lightweight and durable Polyester fabric Materials, 210T Parachute strength. 
-Compare to other sellers, our air lounger uses PE strip which is the best to make sure air lounger not easy to leak
- Quality Rip-stop material. Extremely tough and puncture-resistant. 


How to use?

1, Open the mouth of one side of the Air Chair. Swoop the Air Chair into the air while taking  a side step, run fast upwind for about 15 feet then close the pocket mouth during running. Do not stop running. Quickly close the mouth of the bag to trap the air. Repeat the front steps to inflate another one. You don't need the lounger to be packed with air. The following steps will compress the air in the bag to create its fullness.
2 With air in the bag, start rolling the closed ends over 3-5 times until air is compressed and snug tight.
3 Grab the corner ends of the mouth and bend until clips come together, buckle clips.

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