Inductive Truck

Rs. 999.00
Magic Pen Inductive Toy Car Follow Any Drawn Line Mini Truck Excavator Kid Gift ! Description -
  • HOT UNIQUE MAGIC TOY -Treat your kids to a simple magic trick this inductive toy can do. They will be amazed the way the toy can able to follow the black lines without tracks and will surely have fun.
  • FOLLOW ANY BLACK LINES - No need to establish track/pathway for the truck. The Inductive Car is designed to follow a route/path that's plotted using a black normal pen. Keep your little one happy and excited with this fantastic new toy.
  • PROMOTE CHILDREN'S CREATIVITY - Kids draw any black lines as the track, they play their own imagination. They will both have fun also improve creativity and imagination while playing the toys. Best gifts for pre-school learning kids and children.

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