Light Festival Party Glow Sunglasses

Rs. 1,199.00

Get your look exactly where you want it when you go out clubbing at night or hanging at festivals during the day. We carry the best-looking light up sunglasses so you know your shades can keep you looking stylish while still bringing the fun and mystique to every night out. LED sunglasses are also great for those long summer evenings and cookouts where you know the sun will get low in the sky and you want to stay flashy and fashionable. Flashing LED sunglasses are available in every shape and colour. We carry assorted colours in sporty sunglass styles and also seasonal-themed sunglasses for Halloween, Christmas, St Patrick's Day and other holidays.  Let your imagination go wild!


  • Soft light with no radiation
  • Atmosphere activating device for all kinds of festivals, shows, bar, discotheque, nightclub and other places. Can be used as toys for children, too
  • constant light-slow blink-flashing
  • luminous glass without battery

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