Intelligent Health & Fitness Tracker

Rs. 799.00

If you’re a fitness freak and love keeping a track of the calories burnt, sleep cycle, and heart rate, then this Fitness Tracker is what you need. This smart band works as a heart rate tracker, fitness watch, and an activity tracker.

Heart Rate Sensor - Adorn this fitness band around your wrist every time you step out for a jog to keep track of your heart rate. Heart-rate readings are shown on this fitness band’s sleek OLED display.

Waterproof - Whether you’re jogging, cycling or sweating at the gym, this Smart Band is ready for almost every challenge.

Material - Crafted from plastic and TPS elastomer, It is waterproof to a depth of up to 30 m.

Sleep Monitor - For a healthy lifestyle, you need to balance between good workout sessions and good sleep cycles. With this Fitness Tracker, you can measure the quality of your sleep easily.

Calorie Counter Check - Whether the workout you did is helping you or not with this smart band. This smart band determines the calories you burn after your workout and helps you maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

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