Electric Lunch Box

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Having fast food for lunch every single day is not good for your health and your pocket. Bringing a lunch box is the best way to save up and eat nutritious home cooked meals at work or at school. Grab a Multifunction Electric Lunchbox and enjoy the goodness of warm lunch that’s as good as freshly cooked. Just plug this lightweight lunchbox 30 minutes before your lunch break and dig in. Never have a packed meal of rice and viand or soup that’s as cold as a cat’s nose with this stomach-warming Encage treat. 
Product Function:
- A new generation of portable electric heating lunch box, no odor, health.
- Using food grade high temperature environmental materials.
- Design of fine fashion, the surface cover ad hoc ventilating device, can keep food fresh.
- Heating and thermal insulation function.
- PTC heating components using more safe and efficient, energy saving.
It consumes very little power to keep your food warm and great. Now you can have
hot food anywhere, any time of the day.
Keep your meals freshly warm with a Multi-function Electric Lunchbox. 

Plug it in and let your packed meal heat up in 30 minutes.
Features 2 spacious food compartments (one is detachable) that can store rice and viand or soup. 

Product specs:
Color: blue, red, and orange
Dimensions: 180mm x 115mm x 247mm
Detachable container size: 75mm x 135mm x 61mm
Weight: 830g
Voltage: 220V
Fixed current: 40W
Lunchbox capacity: 600 ml
Detachable box capacity: 450 ml
Package inclusions:
Electronic lunchbox
Detachable container
Socket plug

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