Buttoned Oil and Vinegar Dispenser Cum Measurer

Rs. 799.00


This unique Buttoned oil and vinegar dispensar Helps you pour a precision amount of oil/vinegar/any liquid every single time. Great help for those watching their daily consumption of oil for health and dietary purposes.


  • Easy to use. Simply push the button on both sides of the neck and your oil or vinegar pumps into the measuring container for easy portioning.
  • No need for a separate measuring cup.
  • Easy to read graduated measurements on each side - teaspoons, tablespoons and milliliters.
  • Easy-pour spout tip - allows you to pour exactly where you want, evenly and without mess.
  • Glass container - allows you to monitor levels and easily identify when you need a refill.
  • Safe for fridge or shelf - Easy to clean.

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