Better Strainer

Rs. 599.00

Description - 

Better Strainer - Expandable Strainer. Place on and strain. Fits on any size pot, pan or bowl. Great space saver . No more bulky colanders. Dishwasher safe, top rack. Now drain grease, cooking oil, and water with ease

  • As Seen On TV - Better Strainer with Rim-Top Expansion drains liquids with ease.
  • This expandable strainer clicks on tightly to the edge of virtually any container, allowing you to drain liquid without a bulky colander.
  • Thanks to its versatile flex-fit design, you can securely snap the strainer onto any size pot, pan, skillet, or bowl.
  • Gentle and Versatile -The strainers non-stick surface is gentle and wont tear delicate foods such as ravioli or poached eggs. This makes it ideal for separating water from cooked pasta, grease from meat, juice from fruit platters, and guilt from french fries.


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