Best Vegetable Chopper - 12 in 1 Cutter

Rs. 1,999.00

Description - 

12 In 1 Set Versatile Kitchen Tool - Supports more than 12 functions, such as peeling, cutting into shreds, cutting into small pieces, cut into 4 equal pieces, cut into 8 equal pieces, slicing, dicing, grating, chopping etc

  • Includes a variety of thick and thin slicing options, fine and coarse grating and shredding options.
  • Straight slicer-perfect for slicing fresh cucumber or thinly julienne potato chips! 
  • Grate Blade - for your cheeses or carrots 
  • Fine Grater - Ideal for grating garlic, ginger, nutmeg or even chocolate! 
  • Julienne Slicer - for beautifully consistent vegetable / French Fry strips similar for noodle. 
  • Safety hand holder offers protection

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