Anti-Aging Face Eye Neck Massage Roller

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These Jade Roller can be massaged over the face, feet, legs, arms and breast areas. For centuries Jade have been used in China as a daily routine to maintain a youthful complexion. Jade therapy is calming and soothing and helps to work out toxins through the lymphatic drainage system. The crystal properties of Jade react well with the skin by balancing emotions, releasing negativity and harmonizing body and mind. Jade is cool by nature and rolling it on the face and neck helps to close pores and tighten the skin providing a natural facelift. Used around the eyes, puffiness, dark circles and fine lines are greatly reduced.

Start in the centre of the forehead firmly, yet gently, outward 3-4 times. Go back to the centre of the forehead and move in the opposite direction 3-4 times. Use the same technique on the cheeks and jawline. The Jade Massage Tool can also be used in smoothing motions along the neck. Use the Jade end to improve lymphatic drainage around the eyes helping with dark circles and puffiness. Press lightly in the inner corner of the eye and move outward to reduce puffiness.

  • ANCIENT BEAUTY SECRET – A traditional Asian homoeopathic skincare treatment. It's the best non-surgical and effective beauty secret of the Chinese, Indian and Aztec civilizations to healthy and glowing skin.
  • FEEL THE NATURE - Our Jade Roller & Gua Sha tools are created by nature. We do not use non-organic additives or infused glasses. Therefore, our product is perfectly eco-friendly, which ensures healthy and natural treatment. This also eliminates the risk of an allergic reaction of your skin, so you won‘t have to worry about any side effects.
  • REAL JADE STONE - Our Jade Roller & Gua Sha toolset is handmade and is also made from a real jadeite stone. This is why our stone guarantees the organic properties of the product and is 100% natural and organic.
  • YOUR SKIN WILL THANK YOU - Jade Roller & Gua Sha toolset is made precisely for your skincare and skin recovery. It is designed to promote blood circulation, diminish puffiness and bags under the eyes, elasticity and tenderness. The touch of a cold Jade stone helps to remove swelling of the face and improves blood circulation by means of massage, detoxify through lymphatic drainage, improve skin elasticity and toning.
  • A tremendous amount of positive energy will be generated with this product.

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